Patio and Driveways

     Have a patio or driveway that is too small and too plain?  Add a foot or more along each side, improve the look and usability.  A patio table and chairs doesn't fit on a 8 X 8 patio.  Instead of getting out of your car and stepping into mud or lawn, step onto our beautiful decorative concrete.  

~8X8 Patio becomes 10X12and a 10X10 patio becomes 14 X 12 decorative patio by adding 2 ft.

~Help your friends and family stay off the lawn by adding a foot or two to the driveway.


Have a need for a small 2X4 or 4X4 decorative concrete pad? Job to small for a larger concrete truck load? We are setup to complete your small job.

~Create a pad for:trash cans, lawnmowers, pool equipment, water fountains, barbecue grill, firewood or any need for a small concrete pad.


Stepping stones are a great way to make a more natural walkway than a sidewalk.  Need a pathway to the backyard area?  Have a area that is always wet and muddy?  Have a need to walk though your landscape gravel or mulch?

~Looking for a real solution?